Extensible, Affordable, Performant ETL

"Are you looking for an easy Extract Transform Load (ETL) tool? Consider Node-RED. In an ever-changing world of data integrations, we found Node-RED to be a low-cost, reliable, and secure platform that is capable of moving millions of records."" -- Ondrej Lehota, in an article that inspired us to bring Node-RED to gulp-etl

Gulp + Singer...

Gulp-etl is built around a battle-tested tool for composing code blocks into build pipelines and a popular open-source ETL framework.

gulp-etl code

...now with Node-RED!

The power, speed and convenience of gulp-etl, now all visual and low-codey.

gulp-etl in Node-red

Stackable, swappable, flexible; tons of tools to manage your data


Gulp-etl uses gulp plugins as its building blocks. Open source gulp (4000+) and gulp-etl plugins can be easily upgraded to also function as Node-RED nodes, and the core gulp-etl plugins are being upgraded.

Fast and efficient

Use Node Streams to process data of unlimited size by processing only what fits in memory.

Customizable and Reusable

Use built-in and open-source (4500+) Node-RED nodes to manage data, or write small javascript snippets, or create your own reusable nodes to add new functionalities